Dyronx Engineering Ltd is an engineering design and fabrication company that seeks niche opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry. The directors and staff of the company are very experienced in the industry and as a consequence Dyronx has demonstrated capability as an organization and individually through its staff.

LACT Units

Dyronx Engineering is the only local company with Ministry of Energy approval to Construct LACT Units in Trinidad and Tobago. The Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (L.A.C.T.) unit is designed for the automatic transfer of ownership of crude or condensate between the buyer and seller. 

The LACT is a small, single run system with portable proving connections designed for loading into trucks or pumping into Petrotrin’s sales pipeline. It was designed for land operations which focuses on pumping into pipelines, barges, and tanker loading and offloading operations.

Demonstrated Organization Capability

Simple Structures – design and fabrication. These include pipelines, pipe supports, small static structures and small storage tanks

Small Complex Structures – these include flow components, Oil production manifolds and pipelines with valves, tees, elbows, etc. 

Small production plant such as the LACT Unit (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer) which includes pipelines, valves, meters, sensors, automation and instrumentation.

In-house Capability

  • Project Management of large projects, such as offshore platform,  large pipe-lines
  • Project Management Training
  • Chemical Process Engineering design of single components such as pumps, compressors, distillation towers, valves, pipelines,
  • Operational Capability of offshore production platforms,  pipelines, pipeline pigging,  oil and gas metering,

Alliance Capability

  • Brownfield engineering design in mechanical, electrical and structural projects
  • Project procurement, scheduling and execution